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Andrea Robinson
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Los Angeles, California, USA
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Family members
Nathan Robinson - Ex-Husband
Charlotte Robinson - Daughter
Leon Robinson - Grandson
Amanda Robinson - Granddaughter


Andrea Robinson is the mother from Charlotte Robinson. She had a relation with Nathan Robinson.

Before the crashEdit

Her husbands deathEdit

On Charlotte's twentieth birthday, Andrea and Nathan both came into Charlotte's bedroom and sang Happy Birthday to her. After Charlotte thanks them, she asked her mother to tell Nathan that she wanted driving lessons. Nathan is hesitant at first, but Andrea convinces him in the end. ("When Disaster Strikes")

Her grandchildren's deathsEdit

One day when Charlotte was bathing her two twin children, she received a phone call so she left her boyfriend, Jay, in charge of watching them. However, he wasn't listening to her and he accidentally let the babies drown. Andrea was the one who found them both dead. She screamed, and this forced Charlotte to run upstairs and fall and hit her head.

When Charlotte woke up in hospital, Charlotte asked what had happened, but Andrea was too distraught to tell her and she left the hospital room, crying. ("Blame")