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Carlos Ramos
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Carlos Ramos was an ex-prisoner who was released from jail and sent to Melissa by her husband to help her let go of her grief.

Before the crashEdit

Helping MelissaEdit

While in jail, Melissa's husband, Simon, noticed she was having a difficult time after losing her baby. So he asked Carlos to help her let go of her grief when he was released from prison.

When he was let out of jail, Carlos lived up to his word and went to find and help Melissa. When Melissa was doing her exercises, Carlos looked through a window to see if she was in, but Melissa thought it was a perverted man watching her; but when she confronted him, he said he was sent by Simon to protect her.

Carlos stayed for a while, which annoyed Melissa because she believed she didn't need to be protected, so she paid him a cheque to leave. When they went to cash the cheque, she was locked in Carlos's car with no escape, making her think he was going to attack her, or worse. When he arrived at a quiet and isolated park, he told Melissa to choose a spot in the park while he got something out of the trunk. However, Melissa attempted to escape before realising Carlos had gotten a big red balloon out. He then explained himself to Melissa and eventually helped her let go. ("Let Go")