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Charles Widmore
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Charles Widmore
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United Kingdom
CEO, Widmore Industries
In Australia...
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Family members
Vanessa Widmore - Ex-Wife
Penelope Widmore - Daughter
Josh Jackson - Adoptive Son


Charles Widmore was the husband of Vanessa Widmore and the adoptive father of Josh Jackson. When Josh became 18, Charles gave him an offer; he'd work for him and in return he'd help find Josh's parents. However, when Josh went against the agreement, Charles didn't hesitate to attempt to kill him.

Before the crashEdit

Adopting JoshEdit

Shortly after Josh's parent's kidnappings, Josh was put up for adoption so Charles and his wife, Vanessa Widmore went to adopt him, despite already having a teenage daughter, Penelope. He then took him him later that day. ("Woman in Black")

When Josh became a teenager, he started to get into trouble with the police. Charles bailed Josh out the times he was arrested and he tried to lecture him, but Josh didn't seem to care. ("That Pretty Little Picture")

Employing JoshEdit

One day, Charles gave Josh the chance to track down his biological parents. However, it came with a catch, Josh had to be Charles's personal assisstant.

After four years of employment, Charles had some of his guards take hostage a man. He then called Josh and he told him to fly to Australia. When he arrived, Charles told Josh that he needed to interrogate the man, but Josh refused. Charles then told the guards to kill Josh, so they started to shoot at him, but they only shot him in the arm. ("Man in Black") ("Secrets")