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Christian Shephard
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Christian Shephard
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Los Angeles, California, USA
In Australia... see his daughter one last time
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...deceased, in a coffin
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Christian Shephard was a spinal surgeon that drank himself to death in Australia.

Before the crashEdit

Los AngelesEdit

When Veronica started to feel sick, her family took her to the hospital. They did some tests on her and then Christian sat them down to tell them the results. He diagnosed her with cancer. ("Pax Postremo")

On the IslandEdit

Day 5 (Season 1)Edit

When some of the camp went out into the jungle to find food together, Josh wandered off to go to the toilet. When he was gone, he saw Christian Shephard stood in front of him. He didn't move or speak, he just stood silently. When Josh looked away for a split second, Christian disappeared. ("Man in Black")