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Claire Littleton
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October 27, 1982
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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
In Australia... there
On the plane... give away her baby for adoption
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Claire Littleton was a young, single pregnant girl flying to Los Angeles to give her baby up for adoption, after being threatened by a psychic.

Before the crashEdit

In AustraliaEdit

One afternoon, Claire was in a supermarket car park when she was suddenly attacked by a masked man. He attempted to steal her purse so she screamed for help. Michelle came to Claire's aid and she managed to get the man off of her purse, but she was stabbed in the process. Claire then shouted for help and for somebody to call an ambulance as Michelle laid on the floor in pain. ("A Loose Thread")

Oceanic Flight 815Edit

On board Oceanic Flight 815, Claire bumped into Josh. She dropped her luggage, so Josh picked it up for her. The two chatted briefly to each other and then Josh mentioned her pregnancy. She told him she was giving the baby up for adoption. Josh apologized, but Claire assured him she was fine. She then told him about the psychic she talked too and why she was going to Los Angeles. The two then went their separate ways. ("A New Beginning, Part 1") ("Flying the Nest, Part 2")