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Elizabeth Smith
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Los Angeles, California, USA
In Australia... start a new life
On the plane... escape from her brother
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Darien Smith - Brother


Elizabeth Smith was the sister of Darien Smith and a survivor of Oceanic Flight 815.

Before the crashEdit

Being tracked down by DarienEdit

When Darien killed his parents because of his mental illness, Elizabeth walked in on him. This forced him to later believe she was the one responsible for their deaths. ("Desperate")

After being convinced that she killed their parents, Darien tracked Elizabeth down and found her in Australia, where she had gone to hide from him. When he found her, he chased her through the streets of Australia until he finally caught her. When he did, he pinned her to the floor and tried to kill her. But, he was stopped, when another woman, Ana Lucia tackled him. ("Crazy People")

Oceanic Flight 815Edit

On board Oceanic Flight 815, Darien saw Elizabeth sat in her seat, so he tried to get to her, but when Alex walked into him accidentally he was put off. ("Flying the Nest, Part 3")