This article shows the titles and meanings of the titles in each episode.

Season OneEdit

"A New Beginning"Edit

  • Represents that each survivor gets to have a new beginning in their lives as they are stranded on an island.

"Say Goodbye"Edit

  • The survivors say goodbye to Joe when they bury him.
  • In a flashback, a note that is written to Samantha and Elliot tells them to say goodbye to Geraldine Walker.

"Intruder Alert"Edit

  • Two new members join the survivors group.
  • In a flashback, Nikki Fernandez intrudes Anya's chance of becoming an actress.

"Man in Black"Edit

  • Josh sees an old man dressed in black in the jungle.

"Run Away, Run Away"Edit

  • In a flashback, Olivia is constantly on the run from the monster.


  • Charlotte blames Jay for the death of her two children, Amanda and Leon.
  • Charlotte blames Darien for Anya's near death.

"Crazy People"Edit

  • In a flashback, Darien calls his sister crazy.

"I Spy With My Little Eye"Edit

  • In a flashback, William spies on Samantha and witnesses her murder another girl.

"Leave Me Alone"Edit

  • The mysterious people on the island, yet again, attack and try to kidnap Alex.

"Woman in Black"Edit

  • In a flashback, Vanessa, in a black suit, adopts Josh.
  • On the island, Vanessa is wearing a black suit.

"Pax Postremo"Edit

  • It's Latin for "Peace at Last".
  • In a flashback, Veronica dies, and metaphorically is "at peace".
  • Josh comes up with a plan to escape, giving Abbie a sense of freedom and peace of mind.

"Let Go"Edit

  • In a flashback, Melissa's husband sends a man, Carlos, to help her let go of her grief.
  • Melissa helps Samantha let go of her sadness.
  • Samantha helps Melissa let go of her sadness.

"An Eye for an Eye"Edit

  • In a flashback, Hassan kills an innocent man.
  • He then dies on the island.

"It's All My Fault"Edit

  • Charlotte blames herself for the death of Hassan.


  • Darien is desperate to read his sister's file.
  • Charlotte is desperate to uncover Olivia's secret.

"Come Back to Me"Edit

  • In a flashback, James tries to reunite with his estranged daughter.

"Ah, but Underneath"Edit

  • Thomas's secrets are revealed to the camp and his background is revealed.

"The Search"Edit

  • In a flashback, Anya searches for someone to help her with her abusive step-father.
  • The survivors search for Anya, who has been kidnapped by Thomas.


  • Emma, Michelle and Samantha decide to keep their discovery a secret.

"Regretful Heart"Edit

  • William starts to regret what he did to Elliot and Samantha and he asks them to forgive him; but they don't.
  • Rebecca starts to regret what her and the rest of her group are doing to Anya and Ji, so she decides to set them free when Thomas plans on killing them.