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Geraldine Walker
Also known as
Geraldine Parker
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Los Angeles, California, USA
In Australia...
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Family members
Elliot Walker - Husband
Samantha Walker - Daughter
Veronica Walker - Daughter
Patricia Walker - Sister-In-Law


Geraldine Walker (née Parker) was the mother of Samantha Walker and the wife of Elliot Walker.

Before the crashEdit

Her daughter's deathEdit

One day, when having a family day out, walking, the Walkers' were approached by a woman, Rose Nadler, who had lost her pet dog. She asked if they had seen it, but they said they hadn't. Meanwhile, Veronica started to feel dizzy. She then collapsed in front of everyone.

Elliot, Geraldine, Samantha and Veronica then went to a hospital were they were seen by Dr. Christian Shephard. Veronica was diagnosed with cancer.

Veronica then passed away to her illness, and the family all went to her funeral, were the priest gave his deepest condolences. ("Pax Postremo")

Being blackmailed by WilliamEdit

When William witnessed Samantha accidentally murder a girl, he used this information to blackmail Elliot and Geraldine into giving him money.

One morning, Samantha was woke up by him and William arguing about the secret William was keeping and money, William then left in rage and said 'You're gonna regret this'.

An unknown amount of time later, William sent a Geraldine to a spa weekend trip saying it was a gift from Elliot. William then sent Elliot and Samantha a blackmail letter saying Geraldine had been kidnapped. Obeying these rules, Samantha, William and Elliot flew to Australia, where they had to hand in the money. They placed the money where they were told too.

But, meanwhile, Geraldine returned home, safely, after returning from a Spa trip that William had sent her on, which he said was a present from Elliot. ("Say Goodbye") ("I Spy With My Little Eye")