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Holly was a drug addict and the biological mother of Zach Taylor.

Before the crashEdit

Giving up her babyEdit

Holly was a well known drug addict. She and Olivia met when she was at rehab.

One night Holly approached Olivia and she was invited inside. After having a drink, Holly said that she needed money so she could support her child, Isaac. Olivia and her husband, Nick, offered to buy any food for the child but Holly insisted she could look after her own baby.

As Holly got more desperate for money, she offered to sell her expensive watch, but Olivia and Nick wouldn't and they asked her to leave. Holly then said she would sell her baby as she knew Olivia couldn't conceive. Olivia and Nick accepted and they took the baby.

An unknown amount of time later, Olivia was found unconscious at a house and she was brought to hospital. Her baby could not be found by the police as Olivia had him.

Olivia soon cleaned up and she decided to she wanted her baby back. After three years of searching for Olivia and Nick, she finally tracked them down in Los Angeles. She insisted that they gave her the baby back, but they wouldn't. Holly then became aggressive and she attacked Nick. She then proceed to attack Olivia, but Olivia defended herself and stabbed Holly in the stomach; killing her. Holly's body was then chopped up and put into a small toy box which was buried under the cement of Olivia's pool. ("The Blackmail Letter")


  • Out of all the main characters, she has only met Olivia.