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Michelle Dorrit
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Michelle Dorrit
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Manchester, United Kingdom
In Australia...
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Family members
James Dorrit - Ex-Husband
Naomi Dorrit - Daughter


Michelle Dorrit was the ex-wife of James Dorrit.

Before the crashEdit

Marriage to JamesEdit

James and Michelle got married sometime before 1975. During which, Michelle got pregnant with James's child, but neither of them knew. The two soon then got a divorce for unknown reasons and Michelle moved to live in Australia. When Michelle started to feel sick, she went to the doctors and found out that she was pregnant. Presumably, still mad at James, Michelle decided to keep his child a secret from him. ("Come Back to Me")

In AustraliaEdit

When Michelle fell dangerously sick, Michelle started getting help from a carer, Pauline. One day, Michelle told Pauline to call James to tell him to come and see her. When he arrived, Michelle told James about his daughter, Naomi, who was now 29 years old. She then told James to go visit Naomi, however, the plane he got on to meet her crashed. ("Come Back to Me")