Nathan Robinson
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Nathan Robinson
Also known as
49 (at time of death)
Date of birth
Date of death
December 25, 2002
Manner of death
Car crash
Los Angeles, California, USA
In Australia...
On the plane...
On the island...
Family members
Andrea Robinson - Ex-Wife
Charlotte Robinson - Daughter
Leon Robinson - Grandson
Amanda Robinson - Granddaughter


Nathan Robinson is the father from Charlotte Robinson. He had a relation with Andrea Robinson.

Before the crashEdit

Family lifeEdit

Nathan lived with his wife, Andrea Robinson, happily for years. Together they had one daughter, Charlotte Robinson.


In 2002, on Charlotte's twentieth birthday, Nathan and his wife, Andrea, sung Happy Birthday to their daughter. After she thanked them, she asked Andrea to ask Nathan for driving lessons. Nathan showed his concern at first, but he was eventually persuaded to.

The driving lesson went well at first, but then Nathan started nagging at Charlotte's mistakes, so she yelled back at him. When they parked the car, it was unexpectedly hit by a lorry and the car was flipped over. Charlotte managed to escape, but Nathan was trapped in the car. Suddenly, the car caught on fire and Nathan burned to death, Charlotte ran away in fear. ("When Disaster Strikes")

After the crashEdit

Day 28 (Season 1)Edit

The day after Hassan's death, Charlotte, Josh and Michelle went to the cockpit to find a way to communicate with the outside world. When they arrived, Charlotte felt sick so she stayed outside. Whilst waiting, Charlotte heard some noises around her, and then she saw a man, who appeared to be her father. It is unknown if this was the monster disguising as Nathan, or if Charlotte's guilt caused her to see him. ("It's All My Fault")