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Zach Taylor
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Nick Foster
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Florida, USA
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Family members
Olivia Taylor - Wife
Zach Taylor - Adoptive Son


Nick Taylor was the husband of Olivia Taylor.

Before the crashEdit

Nick, previously Nick Foster, used to live in Florida with his wife, Olivia. Together, they tried to have a baby, but they were unable.

Adopting ZachEdit

One day, Olivia invited Holly, a drug addict, into their house. She started to beg for money and she even offered to sell her watch for $50. Nick got frustrated and he asked her to leave, but she didn't. She then offered to sell her baby. Olivia accepted, but Nick was hesitant.

After the baby was realised to be missing, Nick and Olivia moved to Los Angeles with the baby. They all changed their names.

Three years later, Holly tracked them down and demanded the baby back, but they wouldn't give him back. Holly then attacked Nick and attempted to attack Olivia, but she stabbed her. Nick and Olivia both hid the body in a wooden toy box. ("The Blackmail Letter")