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Nikki Fernandez
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January 17, 1973
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In Australia...
...guest starring in Exposé and to murder Howard Zukerman
On the plane... return to the U.S. with Paulo
On the island...
Family members
Paulo Rodriguez - Partner
Ben Applegate - Ex-Boyfriend


Nikki Fernandez played in Exposé, the show in which Anya Carne tried to go into.

Before the crashEdit


Nikki grew up in Spain as a child. When she was about eight years old, Nikki started seeing a therapist for unknown reasons. When she came out of the sessions one day, she introduced herself to an eight year old Anya. ("The Search")

For unknown reasons, both the girls moved to Australia together and they started to attend the same school. She and Anya became good friends. When a new student, Ben, arrived at their school, they both liked him, but they decided that neither one should go out with him as it would ruin their friendship. However, Nikki started to secretly date Ben behind Anya's back. ("That Crazy Little Thing Called Love")


While living in Australia, Nikki met Paulo. The two fell in love and started dating. They then decided to steal some diamonds off a man named Howard Zukerman. However, this meant she'd have to get close to him, so she pretended to love him. Howard then let Nikki guest star in his TV show, Exposé, but this meant Anya wouldn't get the part. One day Nikki poisoned Howard and took his diamonds. ("Intruder Alert")

Oceanic Flight 815Edit

In a café in Sydney Airport, Nikki and her boyfriend, Paulo Rodriguez, were talking. They were then approached by Boone Carlyle who asked for a seat. After he left, Nikki got up to go to the toilet. Anya started to follow Nikki, but she lost her when she bumped into Hassan. ("Flying the Nest, Part 1")

On board the plane, Nikki was sat in a seat where Anya was able to watch her. ("Flying the Nest, Part 3")