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Patricia Walker
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Date of birth
February 9, 1954
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Los Angeles, California, USA
In Australia...
On the plane...
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Family members
Elliot Walker - Brother
Samantha Walker - Niece
Veronica Walker - Niece
Geraldine Walker - Sister-In-Law


Patricia Walker was the sister of Elliot Walker.

Before the crashEdit

Living in FloridaEdit

At some point in her life, she moved to Florida and lived there; she was also a nurse there at a hospital with Olivia Taylor.

One day, she was showing another nurse a calendar with pictures of Los Angeles. She mentioned that she had family who lived there and that it was idyllic. She then moved on to give Olivia some files to organise. A while later, Patricia started to yell at a police officer when he said that he couldn't find the baby that belonged to a patient. She said that if something happened to the baby, she'd have his badge. ("The Blackmail Letter")

Los AngelesEdit

16 years later, Patricia came to visit Elliot in Los Angeles. When there, she saw Olivia and recognised her as "Angela". Elliot insisted that she was called Olivia. He said she lived here with her son and husband. Patricia then said that Olivia didn't and couldn't have children - so they both came to the conclusion that she stole the baby that went missing sixteen years earlier. ("The Blackmail Letter")