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Robert Adams
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September 18, 1964
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November 5, 2004
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Shot by Josh
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Robert Adams was one of the natives living on the island when Oceanic Flight 815 crashed. Since then, he helped kidnap Ji and Anya.

Before the crashEdit


At some point, Robert, Rebecca, Thomas, Aled, Steven, Warren and Ian did something which they believed to be right. However, the other members of their group shunned them for their actions and they decided to banish them from the main civilization. The group of seven were then forced to live alone in the jungle in small tents.

After the crashEdit

Days 1-44 (Season 1)Edit

On the day of the crash, Robert was in his camp with Rebecca, Thomas, Aled, Steven, Warren and Ian. They all felt the Island shake violently and then heard the sound of a plane flying low nearby. They all came out of their tents and looked into the sky as Oceanic Flight 815 ripped apart.

When Thomas and Steven tried to kidnap Alex, Robert was at camp when they returned unsuccessfully. ("Ah, but Underneath")

Weeks later, after Anya and Ji had both been kidnapped, Robert told Rebecca to stop talking to Anya. He then later brought Ji to Anya. ("The Search") After many days of Anya and Ji being held hostage, Thomas planned with Aled, Steve and Robert to shoot both the girls at night. ("Regretful Heart")

After the four found out about Rebecca setting Ji and Anya free, they all went to hunt them down. When they found Anya, Robert went to the plane with Aled and Steven to get Rebecca and Ji. ("Flying the Nest, Part 2") They later arrived at the plane and held Ji and Rebecca at gunpoint and they waited until Thomas came to them. Later on when the survivors arrived, there was a gunfight; during it Josh shot and killed Robert. ("Flying the Nest, Part 3")