Split is a story written by Julietfan2626.



Main cast members

Character Name Seasons
Hassan-crop Hassan Bahar (Season 1 (1.01-1.14), Recurring Season 1 (1.15-1.25)
Emma-crop Emma Carlson (Season 1-2.07)
Anya-crop Anya Carne (Season 1-)
James-crop James Dorrit (Season 1-)
William-crop William Hall (Season 1-)
Josh-crop Josh Jackson (Season 1-)
Melissa-crop Melissa Lee (Season 1-)
Michelle-crop Michelle McWilliams (Season 1-)
Abigail-crop Abigail Munson (Season 1-)
Alex-crop Alex Parkinson (Season 1-)
Charlotte-crop2 Charlotte Robinson (Season 1-)
Darien-crop Darien Smith (Season 1-)
Elliot-crop Elliot Walker (Season 1, guest star in Season 2)
Samantha-crop Samantha Walker (Season 1-)
Thomas-crop Thomas Bull (Season 1 (1.03-1.25), guest star in Season 2)
Olivia-crop Olivia Taylor (Season 1, episode 3-)
Blaine-crop Blaine Barnes (Season 2-)
Heather-crop Heather Collins (Season 2-)
Ji-Yun-cropp Ji-Yun Jeong (Season 2-, recurring Season 1)


Season 1

Season 2


Season 3


Season 4


Season 5


Season 6


Season 7

This season will follow the story of the remaining character from Split and Lost and their struggle to escape the island.


Season 1

Season 1 started very good at Lostpedia. Many contributors were very happy with the story including Tom Jacob, a fanfiction lover. Julietfan's story let still people reading the story about Josh, Hassan, Melissa, Olivia, Thomas and more. Tom Jacob even asked Julietfan2626, if he would write a special episode[1], just like in Lost. Julietfan2626 would thought about this.

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