Split: Reproduction is the recap show that originally aired on May 1, 2011.

The second recap show created for Split, it was notable in its attempt to present the events of Season 1 in a linear fashion. Julietfan2626 intended the special to "bring new viewers up to date—but which current viewers will also find illuminating".

Split in bullet points

  • Oceanic Flight 815 crashes onto a mysterious island
  • 15 people find themselves trapped in the middle of the jungle
  • One of them is killed and the other kidnapped
  • Two more people, Olivia and Thomas
  • Thomas is a native living on the island and he’s infiltrating the camp
  • Vanessa Widmore arrives on the island
  • She eventually kidnaps Josh, William, Anya, Alex, Abbie and Olivia
  • They escape from her and she follows them back to the camp
  • When she arrives she kills a member of the group, Vanessa
  • Thomas kills Vanessa to keep his secret hidden
  • James and Alex find some files on people in the camp at Vanessa’s camp - but Thomas doesn’t have one
  • James eventually disposes of the files and he runs into a native, Juliet, and she warns him about Thomas
  • Thomas finds out that his secret has been discovered so he leaves camp, kidnapping Anya
  • The survivors search for Anya. Emma, Michelle and Samantha find a piece of metal
  • They uncover it and reveal a metal wall and floor
  • Anya escapes from Thomas with Ji and Rebecca and they go to fix Ji’s plane
  • Samantha finds out Elliot was previously blackmailing Olivia
  • Ji’s plane is destroyed
  • The survivors follow Anya to the plane - Anya and Thomas are shot and Robert, Steve, Rebecca and Aled are killed.
  • At the camp, an unknown person kills Elliot