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Vanessa Widmore
Also known as
Vanessa Kingston
60 (at time of death)
Date of birth
September 25, 1944
Date of death
17 October 2004
Manner of death
Shot by Thomas
In Australia...
On the plane...
On the island...
Family members
Charles Widmore - Ex-Husband
Penelope Widmore - Daughter
Josh Jackson - Adopted Son


Vanessa Widmore (née Kingston) was the adoptive mother of Josh Jackson, and the woman who came to The Island in a submarine.

Before the IslandEdit

Adopting JoshEdit

Shortly after Josh's parent's kidnappings, Josh was put up for adoption so Vanessa and her husband, Charles Widmore went to adopt him, despite already having a teenage daughter, Penelope. She then took him him later that day. ("Woman in Black")

Marriage to CharlesEdit

Vanessa and Charles Widmore got married on an unknown date. They stayed happily married for years, and even had a daughter together. However, Vanessa soon learnt that Charles had been having an affair for years with another woman called Eloise Hawking, they even had a son together. This caused Vanessa and Charles to get a divorce and caused his daughter, Penelope, to start hating him.

On the IslandEdit

Days 6-28 (Season 1)Edit

After a group had returned to camp with food, Vanessa's submarine moved past the camp, observing them. After one of her guards informed her about the people on the beach, Vanessa insisted that they continued as planned. ("Man in Black")

Days later, when a group from the camp were knocked unconscious by one of Vanessa's sonar fences, she took them hostage and put them into cages. When they woke up, she demanded to know who Alex Parkinson was, but they decided not to tell her, so she threatened to shoot Olivia; Alex then gave himself up. As she was about to kill him, The Monster attacked, so she hid with two of her guards. ("Woman in Black")

Even later, Josh continued to demand being let go, but she refused to let them go. ("Pax Postremo")

Two days later, Vanessa decided to move William, Anya, Alex, Olivia and James into a more secure place. She ignored Josh when he asked where she was putting them. Later on, after Josh and Abbie escaped from their cage and killed a guard, she threatened to shoot Josh but was knocked out by Abbie.

The next day, when Hassan arrived near the camp, she took him hostage, injured and highly frustrated. ("Let Go") She then took Hassan back to his camp so she could make a trade for her one remaining guard. When she arrived at the camp and found out he was dead, she started to shoot at the survivors, hitting Hassan, but she was then shot twice by Thomas, killing her. ("An Eye for an Eye")


The next day she was buried by the survivors. ("It's All My Fault")


  • Vanessa has met all of the main characters except for Ji, Blaine and Heather.
  • Out of all the main characters from Lost, Vanessa has only met Penny.
  • During episode Regretful Heart, it was explained why did she and Charles got divorcered.